About Ms. Molly


I’ve always wished it were easier for adults to look beyond ABCs and 123s and see the complex learning that occurs in the life of a preschooler at play.  I hope MyOnlinePreschool.com will help make the benefits of playful learning more visible, and inspire grown-ups to take play more seriously.   Go ahead and join the fun…you’ll be glad you did!

Miss Molly - My Online PreschoolProfessional – Ms. Molly

While most of my 25+ years as an Early Childhood Educator have revolved around teaching preschoolers and mentoring aspiring teachers, my professional experience ranges from Early Intervention to work as an Adjunct Professor teaching courses in Early Childhood, Child Development and Child Guidance.  I am grateful to have spent so much of my professional life doing exactly what I was born to do:  guiding, and encouraging the positive development of young children.    


The  mission of MyOnlinePreschool.com is to:

  1. help parents use stories, songs and activities to enrich their preschoolers’ learning and promote positive development
  2. provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences to prepare preschoolers for a successful school experience

MyOnlinePreschool  provides playful preschool learning opportunities for children while making essential learning objectives visible to parents.  The website features songs, stories and activities that introduce a variety of developmentally appropriate skills and concepts.  It also provides preschoolers and parents with plenty of fun ideas to extend the learning.  MyOnlinePreschool is intended to help support all aspects of young children’s growth and development including physical, cognitive, language and  social-emotional learning.