Fine Motor Fun – Pre-writing Activities

Fine Motor skills involve the use of hands and fingers. They enable us to write legibly, fasten clothing and use a variety of tools including every preschoolers favorite: scissors!  First they must be able to separate the movement side of their hand (thumb, index and middle finger) from the stabilization side (“ring” and “pinky” fingers).  That’s tricky business for young children. Sing “Where is Thumbkin” with your little one and you’ll see that (developmentally speaking) “pinky” may not be ready to stand alone.  Fortunately the world is full of fun opportunities to exercise, refine and strengthen those fine motor skills!


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  1. Kathy says:

    Hello Ms. Molly.

    My grandson and I stumbled across your preschool online, we just love all the felt board stories and songs. You are now a big hit in our family.

    Thank you,


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